About Us

About Foundations Networking Group

Foundations Networking Group is the first networking group of its kind. FNG is focused on creating a supportive place for entrepreneurs by creating a truly ‘business focused’ networking group that builds its Foundation on Community, Connection and Collaboration. Networking, when done right, will build a solid foundation that will help support and grow the owners and their businesses.


To create a business networking group that focuses on a building a business community that creates connections and collaborations for each other. That helps one another with support and education.


By creating an inclusive and affordable networking group that provides a foundation of community where we all work together to support and helps grow each others’ businesses. A place where entrepreneurs can make connections, give and receive referrals and create collaborations that support each other. A place where businesses can learn and educate each other, in a structured and focused environment.


Foundations Networking Group was founded in 2023, however it has been in the works for over 4 years! Wanting to create an affordable and inclusive networking group has been the dream of founder, Shelly Buckland, for many years. Shelly has been in business for over 20 years, having started or bought more than 10 businesses, she knows that networking is an integral part of any business success. Having been apart of many different networking groups here in Alberta as well as in the US, she recognized that there were not many, if any, truly ‘business focused’ networking groups. To often the focus is on growing the networking group, not the businesses, and the time and money involved made the group inaccessible to most small businesses. There also seemed to be a lot of rules and additional requirements to even be a part of most groups. She wanted to find a better way for all businesses, no matter the size or stage of growth, to become a part of a group that is supportive and collaborative and truly wants to help one another grow. Shelly believes that this is where true business success comes from.

The Foundations Networking framework

  • Starting out at just $150/ year or $15/month, this is the most affordable networking group that provides members with true value!
  • No additional time required outside of the meeting! Your time is valuable and being able to make real connections, create collaborations and build your community, is ALL done at the meeting.
  • Collaborative vs. Competitive. We are not seat specific, building true relationships with people and businesses that you want to make connections and collaborations with.
  • Referrals are voluntary. Referrals are based on the solid relationships and connections you build, they are not mandatory quotas.
  • No mandatory attendance policy. You are very busy, and we understand when someone cannot make a meeting. As with building any kind of connections, the more consistent you are the easier it is to build them.
  • No Contracts. You can leave any time, no contracts.
  • Collaborative approach to building our community. We want every business to be a part of creating a connected business community, and will search for ways for everyone to benefit.
  • Creating resources for our Foundations community! We will provide resources for our community, and because this is a collaboration, we’ll be looking to the members to provide the direction they want us to go. Stay tuned!

Code of Ethics

As a Member of Foundations Networking Group, you promise to abide by the following:

  • I will uphold the highest level of professionalism.
  • I will operate my business with truth and integrity.
  • I will keep my customers’ needs foremost.
  • I will advise my customers accurately, truthfully, and honestly.
  • I will promptly respond to all referrals.
  • I will cooperate in a good business spirit with fellow FNG members.
  • I will place principles before personalities.